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A rage room is exactly what it sounds like, a room you rage out in. The idea here is is actually called IMPACT THERAPY. The goal is to have a safe and controlled environment where it is okay to smash and break things while not getting in trouble for it or having to clean up after yourself when you are done. Not only is it a great form of stress relief therapy, but it is also a super fun time! 

Coping Lab LLC

We aspire to provide a wide range of services to our customers that will help to build healthy coping skills  and positive behavioral practices.  

Our Labs

We are continuously brainstorming  ways to add depth and value to our services.

It is our goal to help. 

We are here for you, our customers. So please do not hesitate to call our business and ask more about our services or even provide us with constructive feedback.

We will see you soon!!!

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